Growing Peaceful Families

Schuyler Roop

Schuyler worked in Lexington, Kentucky as a Primary Montessori teacher for 10 years. She was introduced to RCB at a "Redirecting For A Cooperative Classroom" Workshop in Chicago in the Spring of 2005. She immediately implemented it in her classroom and the positive results led her to develop a passionate interest in the principles of "Redirecting Children's Behavior." In 2005 she was certified as a parenting instructor and in 2006 became certified to teach "Redirecting for a Cooperative Classroom".   In 2009 she became Director of Growing Peaceful Families, certifying her to teach individuals to become instructors. She started her own school: Holding Hands Montessori in Berea several years ago, and continues to use her RCB skills every day. Schuy resides in Richmond, Kentucky with her husband and loves nature, animals, gardening and kayaking. 

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Lesley Iwinski, MD 

"Retired" family physician and mother of three, Lesley spends most of her time doing what she loves at home, being a wife and mom. She took the "Redirecting Children's Behavior" Course in 1994 and has been inspired to share the positive principles she learned (and continues to learn!) with others by becoming an instructor in Lexington, Kentucky. She enjoys reading, the outdoors, knitting and writing.