Growing Peaceful Families

Growing Peaceful Families, LLC. is a BBB Accredited Parenting Class in Lexington, KY

Welcome to "Growing Peaceful Families,"  a team of certified parenting instructors who provide hands-on workshops and parenting courses to organizations and small groups.  Parents and teachers learn how to improve their relationships, find ways to enrich their family and classroom settings and most importantly, discover ways to experience more peace in their lives.

"Growing Peaceful Families" teaches  the Redirecting Children's Behavior Course along with a selection of workshops and seminars designed to give parents and teachers the tools they need to bring more peace to themselves and their families, both in the home and in the classroom.

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From Redirecting Children's Behavior Course Participants:  

“It has helped not only in raising kids, but in our marriage as well.”  ~A.L.

"This is a great course! I would recommend this course to any parents. All of the information learned is very helpful." ~R.S.

"I yell less, they cry less. Win-Win!"  ~D.S.

"Excellent guidance for parents.  I would do this again and strongly recommend it."  ~T.B.